Published: “Sweet Angry God”

Please click here for a free pdf of my latest short story, published in the December issue of Writing Raw (and check out the rest of the issue!). Writing Raw prefaces each story with a brief description; here is their teaser for mine:

When her sister announces that is absconding with a dubious man attracted to violence and fanaticism, an intellectual reflects on all else she has lost in her brief existence: her leg, her first love, her trust in life. The sisters enjoy a final dinner against the backdrop of a decadently desiccated Los Angeles in this joyous, bitter story of beauty and pain.

And here, for your pleasure, is the first paragraph:

Apparently it began with a hate fuck. There was a dirtball café, no doubt collectively owned, a few blocks from the art school. He worked there, and she had been watching him for some months, maybe even her entire sophomore year. The first time she went into the place she noticed him, how hateful and stupid he was. Some kind of percussion-heavy music rumbled over the speakers, hissing with analogue static. She thought she felt the tuba thrum in her throat. Above the music she heard him talk to his co-worker as his face glistened in the espresso machine steam. He didn’t look at her, not even when his dirty fingernails grazed her palm with the change.