How to Cite This Site

Élèves, students, scholars…I am getting traffic to this website from a plagiarism detector! For one thing, you must not plagiarize. Here is how to cite a sample essay from this site in MLA format, if you must:

Pistelli, John. “Louise Erdrich, Love Medicine.” John Pistelli, 14 May 2017, Accessed 28 May 2017.

For another thing, I am an untenured para-academic writing non-peer-reviewed criticism on what is, frankly, a blog. While I believe the grandees of academe may well quote me after I have died in anonymity and poverty the way they do with the others they would not accept among their storied ranks while alive, for now I am a nobody, and you will want to find a somebody to quote in your essays. If you are looking for good critical sources for your research papers, you should go to your university’s library website, find on their list of databases the MLA International Bibliography, log in with your university ID and password, enter your search terms (for example, “Louise Erdrich” + “modernism”) in the search bar, and make sure you check the box marked “peer reviewed.”

To my own students: you may continue citing this website in your essays as a satirical comment on my intellectual vanity as long as it is properly sourced and you have met the other bibliographic requirements.


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