John Pistelli is the author of four novels—The Class of 2000, The Quarantine of St. Sebastian House, Portraits and Ashes, and The Ecstasy of Michaela—as well as diverse short fiction, poetry, and literary and cultural criticism that has appeared in many venues.

He is the co-host of Grand Podcast Abyss, which can be found alongside a literary and cultural newsletter at SubStack, as well as the major podcasting platforms.

A longtime teacher with a Ph.D. in English, he has uploaded the lectures for two full university literature courses at YouTube, alongside other lectures, audio essays, and audio fiction.

You can follow him on Goodreads and read his short fiction, poetry, and occasional essays at Medium.

The essays here at johnpistelli.com (cross-posted from Goodreads) are primarily devoted to classic books in all genres. They are indexed by genre—fiction, poetry, drama, nonfiction, and comics—and alphabetically by author’s surname here.

He can be contacted for business inquiries at johnppistelli@gmail.com and supported, if you enjoy his content, at paypal.me/johnpistelli.

He is unable to accept unsolicited review copies at this time.