A Note on Blade Runner 2049

A good, thought-provoking short essay by Christian Lorentzen. I disagree with his interpretation of Blade Runner 2049, though, which he sees as schmaltzy and simplistic. I certainly had problems with it—too slow; too lugubrious; too much spectacle and not enough story; at times while watching it I worried that "2049" might designate not the year … Continue reading A Note on Blade Runner 2049

In Defense of Aesthetic Criticism

Vox explains the new political pop culture criticism: But whether it’s superficial or perceptive, today’s pop cultural criticism can't seem to ignore social issues. Another excerpt, on how today's "your fave is problematic" approach differs from Pauline Kael and Andrew Sarris's art-for-art's-sake critical stylings: Writers like Kael or Andrew Sarris (who disliked the anti-McCarthyite Western … Continue reading In Defense of Aesthetic Criticism