Occult Diptych, for the Children’s Room

[My amateurish dabbling in formal poetry continues with two more villanelles. Something about the restriction and repetition leads one on to these legendary-fantastical themes that are otherwise not to my taste. Maybe there is a future in YA verse?] The Seer The seer hears the pulse flutter under the stone. As a boy he bundled … Continue reading Occult Diptych, for the Children’s Room

The New Formalism

is a villanelle to be read, I emphasize,¬†as a fiction, with all the irony you deem just, in the voice of an exceedingly cultivated and now, in age, utterly reactionary citizen of the Old World, whether geographically or mentally, after he or she has spent a week or so on Twitter and Tumblr: The prep-school … Continue reading The New Formalism