Dave McKean, Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash

Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash by Dave McKean My rating: 4 of 5 stars In one of the many brilliant parables that occur throughout English artist Dave McKean's 1990s graphic novel Cages, a character (who may or may not be a cat) briefly dies and goes to two flawed heavens in succession. Both … Continue reading Dave McKean, Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash

Updates and Goodreads Reviews

1. My review of William Giraldi's new novel, Hold the Dark, appears at Rain Taxi; it addresses Giraldi's controversial criticism and includes a defense of his somewhat unfashionable aestheticism. 2. I am going to cross-post my Goodreads reviews to this blog from now on, in the interests of disseminating┬ámy writing to the largest possible audience. … Continue reading Updates and Goodreads Reviews

Dave McKean, Cages

Cages by Dave McKean My rating: 5 of 5 stars One of my favorite comics. A magical realist multimedia story of artists (Leo the painter, Angel the musician, Jonathan the writer) in a London apartment building, Cages has a set of influences uncommon in Anglophone comics: Kafka and Schulz in literature, Svankmajer and the Brothers … Continue reading Dave McKean, Cages