Adler, Renata. Speedboat.

Aira, César. An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter.

Aira, César. Ema, the Captive.

Aira, César. How I Became a Nun.

Atwood, Margaret. The Handmaid’s Tale.

Austen, Jane. Emma.

Austen, Jane. Sense and Sensibility.

Baldwin, James. Giovianni’s Room.

Ballard, J.G. Crash.

Ballard, J.G. High-Rise.

Balzac, Honoré de. Lost Illusions.

Barnes, Djuna. Nightwood.

Basu, Jayinee. The City of Folding Faces.

Bataille, Georges. Story of the Eye.

Bellow, Saul. The Adventures of Augie March.

Boccaccio, Giovanni. The Decameron.

Bolaño, Roberto. By Night in Chile.

Bradbury, Ray. Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Brontë, Charlotte. Villette.

Brottman, Mikita. Thirteen Girls.

Brown, Charles Brockden. Wieland and Memoirs of Carwin the Biloquist.

Burns, Anna. Milkman.

Butler, Octavia E. Kindred.

Campbell, N. J. Found Audio.

Carlyle, Thomas. Sartor Resartus.

Carver, Raymond. What We Talk About When Talk About Love.

Cather, Willa. My Ántonia.

Cather, Willa. The Professor’s House.

Chabon, Michael. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay.

Chandler, Raymond. The Big Sleep.

Coetzee, J.M. The Childhood of Jesus.

Coetzee, J.M. The Death of Jesus.

Coetzee, J.M. The Master of Petersburg.

Coetzee, J.M. The Schooldays of Jesus.

Conrad, Joseph. The Secret Sharer and Other Stories.

Crane, Stephen. Maggie: A Girl of the Streets.

Crèvecoeur, J. Hector St. John de. Letters from an American Farmer.

Danielewski, Mark Z. House of Leaves.

Davis, Rebecca Harding. Life in the Iron Mills.

Dazai, Osamu. No Longer Human.

Delany, Samuel R. Babel-17.

DeLillo, Don. Falling Man.

DeLillo,  Don. Great James Street.

DeLillo, Don. Libra.

DeLillo, Don. Running Dog.

DeLillo, Don. White Noise.

DeLillo, Don. Zero K.

Dick, Philip K. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Dick, Philip K. The Man in the High Castle.

Dickens, Charles. David Copperfield.

Didion, Joan. A Book of Common Prayer.

Didion, Joan. Play It as It Lays.

Döblin, Alfred. Berlin Alexanderplatz.

Doctorow, E.L. Ragtime.

Dostoevsky, Fyodor. Demons.

Dostoevsky, Fyodor. A Gentle Creature and Other Stories.

Dostoevsky, Fyodor. The Idiot.

Doyle, Arthur Conan. The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Doyle, Arthur Conan. The Sign of Four.

Ducornet, Rikki. Gazelle.

Ducornet, Rikki. Netsuke.

Eliot, George. Silas Marner.

Erdrich, Louise. Love Medicine.

Erdrich, Louise. The Plague of Doves.

Faulkner, William. As I Lay Dying.

Faulkner, William. Go Down, Moses.

Faulkner, William. Light in August.

Faulkner, William. Sanctuary.

Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby.

Flynn, Gillian. Dark Places.

Flynn, Gillian. Gone Girl.

Forster, E. M. Maurice.

Foster, Hannah Webster. The Coquette.

Franzen, Jonathan. Purity.

Giono, Jean. Melville.

Giraldi, William, Hold the Dark.

Greene, Graham. The Quiet American.

Halliday, Lisa. Asymmetry.

Hammett, Dashiell. The Maltese Falcon.

Hannah, Barry. Ray.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Marble Faun.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Rappaccini’s Daughter.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Scarlet Letter.

Hemingway, Ernest. The Snows of Kilimanjaro

Hölderlin, Friedrich. Hyperion.

Houellebecq, Michel. Submission.

Huxley, Aldous. Brave New World.

Isherwood, Christopher. The Berlin Stories.

Isherwood, Christopher. Prater Violet.

Ishiguro, Kazuo. An Artist of the Floating World.

Ishiguro, Kazuo. The Buried Giant.

Ishiguro, Kazuo. Never Let Me Go.

Ishiguro, Kazuo. A Pale View of Hills.

Jacobsen, Jens Peter. Niels Lyhne.

James, Henry. The Beast in the Jungle and Other Stories.

James, Henry. The Turn of the Screw.

Jewett, Sarah Orne. The Country of the Pointed Firs.

Johnson, Charles. Middle Passage.

Jones, Gayl. Corregidora.

Joyce, James. Dubliners.

Jünger, Ernst. The Glass Bees.

Kang, Han. The Vegetarian.

Kavan, Anna. Ice.

Kerouac, Jack. On the Road.

Kim, Richard E. The Martyred.

Kipling, Rudyard. Kim.

Kosinski, Jerzy. The Painted Bird.

Lampedusa, Giuseppe di. The Leopard.

Larsen, Nella. Quicksand.

LeGuin. Ursula K. The Left Hand of Darkness.

Lessing, Doris. The Golden Notebook.

Levy, Deborah. Swimming Home.

Lim, Eugene. Dear Cyborgs.

Longus. Daphnis and Chloe.

Lovecraft, H. P. At the Mountains of Madness.

Lowry, Malcolm. Under the Volcano.

Luiselli, Valeria. Faces in the Crowd.

Luiselli, Valeria. Lost Children Archive.

Machado de Assis. The Alienist

Malamud, Bernard. The Assistant.

Mann, Thomas. Doctor Faustus.

Mann, Thomas. The Magic Mountain.

Marías, Javier. The Infatuations.

Markson, David. Vanishing Point.

McCarthy, Cormac. All the Pretty Horses.

McCarthy, Cormac. Blood Meridian.

McCarthy, Cormac. Cities of the Plain.

McCarthy, Cormac. The Crossing.

McCarthy, Cormac. The Road.

McCarthy, Tom. Satin Island.

Melville, Herman. Bartleby the Scrivener.

Melville, Herman. Benito Cereno.

Melville, Herman. Billy Budd.

Melville, Herman. The Confidence Man: His Masquerade.

Melville, Herman. Moby-Dick.

Melville, Herman. The Paradise of Bachelors and the Tartarus of Maids.

Melville, Herman. Pierre; or, The Ambiguities.

Mishima, Yukio. Confessions of a Mask.

Mishima, Yukio. Patriotism.

Mitchell, David. The Bone Clocks.

Morrison, Toni. Beloved.

Morrison, Toni. God Help the Child.

Morrison, Toni. Paradise.

Morrison, Toni. Song of Solomon.

Morrison, Toni. Sula.

Murakami, Haruki. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle.

Murdoch, Iris. The Bell.

Murdoch, Iris. A Severed Head.

Murnane, Gerald. The Plains.

Nabokov, Vladimir. The Defense.

Nabokov, Vladimir. Despair.

Nabokov, Vladimir. The Enchanter.

Nabokov, Vladimir. Lolita.

NDiaye, Marie. All My Friends.

Nguyen, Viet Thanh. The Sympathizer.

Oates, Joyce Carol. First Love: A Gothic Tale.

Offill, Jenny. Dept. of Speculation.

O’Connor, Flannery. Wise Blood.

Ozick, Cynthia. Heir to the Glimmering World.

Ozick, Cynthia. The Puttermesser Papers.

Ozick, Cynthia. The Shawl.

Pessl, Marisha. Night Film.

Platonov, Andrey. Happy Moscow.

Poe, Edgar Allan. The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket.

Portis, Charles. True Grit.

Pushkin, Alexander. Eugene Onegin.

Pynchon, Thomas. The Crying of Lot 49.

Pynchon, Thomas. Gravity’s Rainbow.

Pynchon, Thomas. Inherent Vice.

Pynchon, Thomas. V.

Reed, Ishmael. Mumbo Jumbo.

Revueltas, José. The Hole.

Richardson, Samuel. Pamela.

Robinson, Marilynne. Gilead.

Robinson, Marilynne. Housekeeping.

Roth, Philip. American Pastoral.

Roth, Philip. The Counterlife.

Roth, Philip. The Ghost Writer.

Roth, Philip. Goodbye, Columbus.

Roth, Philip. Indignation.

Rowson, Susanna. Charlotte Temple.

Rulfo, Juan. Pedro Páramo.

Salih, Tayeb. Season of Migration to the North.

Sartre, Jean-Paul. Nausea.

Saunders, George. Lincoln in the Bardo.

Saunders, George. Tenth of December.

Sebald, W.G. The Rings of Saturn.

Spark, Muriel. The Driver’s Seat.

Stein, Gertrude. Three Lives.

Stevenson Robert Louis. Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Stoker, Bram. Dracula.

Thomas, D. M. The White Hotel.

Torres, Justin. We the Animals.

Tuten, Frederic. Van Gogh’s Bad Cafe.

Updike, John. Rabbit Is Rich.

Updike, John. Rabbit Redux.

Vidal, Gore. The City and the Pillar.

Vidal, Gore. Myra Breckinridge.

Vonnegut, Kurt. Slaughterhouse-Five.

Walker, Alice. The Color Purple.

Walpole, Horace. The Castle of Otranto.

Wells, H. G. The Island of Doctor Moreau.

West, Nathanael. Miss Lonelyhearts and The Day of the Locust.

Winterson, Jeanette. Art and Lies.

Woodrell, Daniel. Winter’s Bone.

Woolf, Virginia. Mrs. Dalloway.


Alighieri, Dante. Inferno.

Alighieri, Dante. Paradiso.

Alighieri, Dante. Purgatorio.

Berryman, John. 77 Dream Songs.

Bishop, Elizabeth. Geography III.

Bishop, Elizabeth. Questions of Travel.

Crane, Hart. The Bridge.

Crane, Hart. White Buildings.

Ginsberg, Allen. Howl and Other Poems.

Heaney, Seamus. Death of a Naturalist.

Hughes, Langston. The Weary Blues.

Lowell, Robert. For the Union Dead.

Moore, Marianne. Observations.

Murray, Les. Dog Fox Field.

Murray, Les. The Vernacular Republic.

Pushkin, Alexander. Eugene Onegin.

Rankine, Claudia. Citizen.

Rich, Adrienne. Diving into the Wreck.

Schnackenberg, Gjertrud. The Throne of Labdacus.

Sebald, W.G. After Nature.

Smith, Tracy K. Life on Mars.

Stevens, Wallace. Harmonium.

Virgil. The Aeneid.

Virgil. The Eclogues.

Walcott, Derek. Omeros.

Whitman, Walt. Song of Myself.

Yeats, William Butler. The Tower.


Beckett, Samuel. Happy Days.

Carr, Marina. By the Bog of Cats.

Eliot, T.S. Murder in the Cathedral.

Euripides. The Bacchae and Other Plays.

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. Faust.

Ibsen, Henrik. The Master Builder.

Mamet, David. Glengarry Glen Ross.

Marlowe, Christopher. Doctor Faustus.

O’Neill, Eugene. Long Day’s Journey into Night.

Shakespeare, William. 1 Henry IV.

Shakespeare, William. 2 Henry IV.

Shakespeare, William. Cymbeline.

Shakespeare, William. Hamlet.

Shakespeare, William. King Lear.

Shakespeare, William. Love’s Labour’s Lost.

Shakespeare, William. Macbeth.

Shakespeare, William. Richard II.

Shakespeare, William. Timon of Athens.

Shakespeare, William. Titus Andronicus.

Sophocles. The Complete Plays.

Soyinka, Wole. Death and the King’s Horseman.

Stoppard, Tom. Arcadia.

Synge, J. M. The Playboy of the Western World and Riders to the Sea.

Williams, Tennessee. The Glass Menagerie.

Wilson, August. Fences.

Wilson, August. Gem of the Ocean.


Adorno, Theodor. Minima Moralia: Reflections on a Damaged Life.

Atwell, David. J.M. Coetzee and the Life of Writing.

Auerbach, Erich. Time, History, and Literature: Selected Essays.

Baldwin, James. The Fire Next Time.

Bernal, J. D. The World, the Flesh, and the Devil.

Borges, Jorge Luis. Professor Borges: A Course on English Literature.

Calasso, Roberto. Literature and the Gods.

Camus, Albert. The Rebel.

Carpenter, Greg. The British Invasion: Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, and the Invention of the Modern Comic Book Writer.

Coates, Ta-Nehisi. Between the World and Me.

Delbanco, Nicholas. Group Portrait: Joseph Conrad, Stephen Crane, Ford Madox Ford, Henry James, and H. G. Wells.

Douglass, Frederick. Narrative of the Life.

Eagleton, Terry. Literary Theory: An Introduction.

Eddé, Dominique. Edward Said: His Thought as a Novel.

Ellmann, Richard. James Joyce.

Forster, E. M. Aspects of the Novel.

Freud, Sigmund. Beyond the Pleasure Principle.

Frye, Northrop. Anatomy of Criticism.

Giraldi. William. American Audacity: In Defense of Literary Daring.

Gray, John. The Soul of the Marionette.

Groys, Boris. In the Flow.

Hardwick, Elizabeth. Herman Melville.

Harrison, Robert Pogue. Juvenescence.

Hegel, G. F. W. Hegel on Tragedy.

Howe, Susan. My Emily Dickinson.

Jacobs, Harriet. Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.

James, Clive. Cultural Amnesia: Necessary Memories from History and the Arts.

James, Henry. Hawthorne.

Jen, Gish. The Girl at the Baggage Claim: Explaining the East-West Culture Gap.

Jensen, Morton Høi. A Difficult Death: The Life and Work of Jens Peter Jacobsen.

Johnson, Samuel. Selected Essays.

Josipovici, Gabriel. What Ever Happened to Modernism?

Jung, C. G. Answer to Job.

Kierkegaard, Søren. Fear and Trembling.

Lukács, Georg. The Meaning of Contemporary Realism.

Marsh, John. In Walt We Trust: How a Queer Socialist Poet Can Save America from Itself.

Martel, J.F. Reclaiming Art in the Age of Artifice.

Rosa Menocal, María. The Ornament of the World: How Muslims, Jews, and Christians Created a Culture of Tolerance in Medieval Spain.

Miller, James. The Passion of Michel Foucault.

Mirzoeff, Nicolas. How to See the World.

Moretti, Franco. Far Country: Scenes from American Culture.

Moser, Benjamin. Sontag: Her Life and Work.

Murray, Albert. The Hero and the Blues.

Nagle, Angela. Kill All Normies: Online Culture Wars from 4chan and Tumblr to Trump and the Alt-Right.

Nietzsche, Friedrich. On the Genealogy of Morality.

Nunez, Sigrid. Sempre Susan: A Memoir of Susan Sontag.

Olson, Charles. Call Me Ishmael: A Study of Melville.

Ozick, Cynthia. The Din the Head.

Pagels, Elaine. The Gnostic Gospels.

Paglia, Camille. Glittering Images.

Parker, Robert Dale. How to Interpret Literature.

Plato. Republic.

Richardson, Robert. D. First We Read, Then We Write: Emerson on the Creative Process.

Rorty, Richard. Achieving Our Country

Rovelli, Carlo. Seven Brief Lessons on Physics.

Rose, Gillian. Mourning Becomes the Law: Philosophy and Representation.

Rowlandson, Mary. The Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration.

Roudinesco, Élisabeth. Lacan: In Spite of Everything.

Saunders, Frances Stonor. The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters.

Sontag, Susan. Regarding the Pain of Others.

Spahr, Juliana. Du Bois’s Telegram: Literary Resistance and State Containment.

Spence, Jonathan. Mao Zedong.

Steiner, George. The Idea of Europe.

Steiner, George. In Bluebeard’s Castle.

Steiner, George. The Poetry of Thought.

Steiner, George. Tolstoy or Dostoevsky.

Stone, I. F. The Trial of Socrates.

Tanizaki, Jun’ichirō. In Praise of Shadows.

Weil, Simone. On the Abolition of All Political Parties.

Wertham, Fredric. Seduction of the Innocent.

Wineapple, Brenda. Hawthorne: A Life.

Winterson, Jeanette. Art Objects.

Wolfe, Tom. Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers

Yang, Wesley. The Souls of Yellow Folk.


Abouet, Marguerite, and Clément  Oubrerie. Aya: Life in Yop City.

Alden, Sam. It Never Happened Again.

Anno, Moyoco. In Clothes Called Fat.

Asano, Inio. Nijigahara Holograph.

Asano, Inio. Solanin.

Bechdel, Alison. Fun Home.

Churchland, Marian. Beast.

Clowes, Daniel. Ghost World.

Drnaso, Nick. Sabrina.

Gaiman, Neil, and J.H. Williams III. The Sandman: Overture.

Hagio, Moto. The Heart of Thomas.

Hergé, The Adventures of Tintin vol 1.

Hergé, Tintin in the Congo.

Ikeda, Riyoko. Claudine.

Jodorowsky, Alejandro, and Moebius. The Incal.

Kirby, Jack. Fourth World.

Kot, Aleš, et al. Change.

Kot, Aleš, et al. Wild Children.

Lutes, Jason. Berlin.

Mattotti, Lorenzo. Fires.

McCloud, Scott. The Sculptor.

McCloud, Scott. Understanding Comics.

McGuire, Richard. Here.

McKean, Dave. Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash.

McKean, Dave. Cages.

Millar, Mark, et al. Superman: Red Son.

Milligan, Peter, and Duncan Fegredo. Enigma.

Modan, Rutu. Exit Wounds.

Moore, Alan, et al. Brighter Than You Think: Ten Short Works.

Moore, Alan, et al. Miracleman.

Moore, Alan, and David Lloyd. V for Vendetta.

Moore, Alan, and Dave Gibbons. Watchmen.

Moore, Alan, and Jacen Burrows. Providence.

Morrison, Grant, and Frank Quitely. All-Star Superman.

Morrison, Grant, and Dave McKean. Arkham Asylum.

Morrison, Grant, and Richard Case. Doom Patrol.

Morrison, Grant, and Chris Weston. The Filth.

Morrison, Grant, et al. The Invisibles.

Morrison, Grant, and Chris Burnham. Nameless.

Morrison, Grant, and Cameron Stewart. Seaguy.

Morrison, Grant, et al. Sebastian O and The Mystery Play.

Muñoz, José, and Carlos Sampayo. Alack Sinner.

Oesterheld, Héctor Germán, and Francisco Solano López. The Eternaut.

Okazaki, Kyōko. Helter Skelter: Fashion Unfriendly.

Okazaki, Kyōko. Pink.

Otomo, Katsuhiro. Akira.

Pope, Paul. 100%.

Satrapi, Marjane. Persepolis.

Schuiten, François, and Benoît Peeters. Brüsel.

Schuiten, François, and Benoît Peeters. The Leaning Girl.

Schuiten, François, and Benoît Peeters. The Theory of the Grain of Sand.

Sousanis, Nick. Unflattening.

Spiegelman, Art. Maus.

Tomine, Adrian. Killing and Dying.

Walker, George A., ed. Graphic Witness: Four Wordless Novels.

Ward, Lynd. Gods’ Man.

Ware, Chris. Jimmy Corrigan.