Graham Greene, The Quiet American

The Quiet American by Graham Greene My rating: 4 of 5 stars In a recent¬†article,¬†Leigh Jenco asserts that a "de-colonizing" approach to diversifying university humanities curricula has its limits. The problem is not only that the implicit leftist, progressive underpinning of such a program conflicts with intellectual traditions that developed outside the Christian-Enlightenment paradigm (a … Continue reading Graham Greene, The Quiet American

E. M. Forster, Maurice

Maurice by E.M. Forster My rating: 4 of 5 stars Maurice is E. M. Forster's fifth novel, written in 1913-14, following Howards End. Due to its content, however, Forster suppressed it until after his death; though it circulated privately in Forster's literary circles, it was not published until 1971. A "Terminal Note" reveals Forster's intention … Continue reading E. M. Forster, Maurice

Crash, Libertarianism, and the Novel

Mark Lilla recently published an essay decrying what he describes as the libertarian dogma of our time, an unthinking adherence to "anything goes" in both culture and economics that has replaced fully-elaborated ideological systems like liberalism, communism, and the religious traditions: The distinction between ideology and dogma is worth bearing in mind. Ideology tries to … Continue reading Crash, Libertarianism, and the Novel